Life Insurance

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Life insurance protects families and businesses from financial loss associated with the death of a loved one or key employee. The proceeds, known as a death benefit, can help families cover expenses such as mortgage payments, tuition, or to meet daily needs.

Life insurance enables individuals and families of all income brackets and lifestyles to maintain independence in the face of financial hardships. Coverage is just as important for two-income families as it is for single-income families. Stay-at-home parents also need protection to help cover the costs of services they routinely provide, such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. Retirees who are living on limited income also find peace of mind knowing that an aging spouse will not be faced with a financial burden after their death.

Choosing a life insurance product is an important decision. As with any major purchase, it is important to understand your family’s needs and the options available. We can help you determine whether term, whole life or a universal policy is the best fit.

We also offer annuities from Auto-Owners which provide a competitive return on your investment.

Contact us so we can help make sure you and your family are protected. Policies can be customized to be affordable and meet your needs.